What Is The Average Car Insurance Cost For 16-Year Old Females?

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Cost of auto insurance for a 16-year-old female depends on many factors, such as location. Based on the national average of $278 per month in 2022, our money-saving tips can help you with finding the right price for your family.

Cost of auto insurance for a female teen driver by state

To keep it simple, we've compiled a list of each of the 10 most populated states in the US. These states make up roughly 54% of the population in the country. This gives you a good jumping-off point when researching insurance.  

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These numbers are an annual average.  

What are factors in determining insurance rates for 16-year old female drivers?

  • Driving History: Teen insurance rates are already the highest in the country. Since teens have such a new driving history, the rates are much higher.
  • Speeding Tickets and Other Offenses: Any sort of prior offense, such as a speeding ticket increases your rates immensely. Maintaining a safe driving record, that shows your teen is responsible goes a long way.  
  • Driver’s Education: A lot of insurers offer a discount for partaking in a safe drivers course.  
  • Separate Insurance Versus Parents’ Insurance: If your teen still lives at home, you can save hundreds of dollars by adding them to your policy.  
  • State Laws: States vary in their pricing. For instance, someone in North Carolina pays significantly less than someone in Florida.

Money-saving tips for female teen drivers

Below are some easy discounts tailored specifically for teens most people can qualify for. Be sure to take advantage of any discounts you can to lower your rates as much as possible.  

  • Good Student Discounts: By having good grades, your teen shows they're responsible. This qualifies them for a discount with most insurance companies.    
  • Defensive Driving Class: Look into discounts offered to teens who take part in Driver's Ed or similar courses.  
  • Occasional Operator: Does your teen only drive limited hours, such as to and from school? You can add them to your vehicle insurance as an "Occasional Operator" to receive a discount.  
  • Student Away: For students who are "away at school," some companies lower your rates when they're not home.  
  • Low-Mileage: If you know your teen won't be driving often, ask your insurer about a low-mileage discount. This is something almost anyone can take advantage of, not just teens.  
  • Anti-Theft Devices: Some insurers offer a discount when you install an anti-theft device in your vehicle. The discount varies on your state and the type of anti-theft device.  
  • Bundling Home and Auto Insurance: A lot of insurers offer discounted insurance bundles. Consider insuring your home and auto together for a lower rate.    
  • Safe Driving:With today's technology, you can download apps that monitor your teen’s driving habits. Some insurers give discounts for good driving while using these apps.  
  • Type of Car: Buying a cheaper, older car for your teen costs you less with insurance than buying them a newer sports car. Since the car is worth less, your insurance is lower. You can save further by dropping comprehensive and collision coverage.

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