Fremont Insurance Review

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Since 1876, Fremont Insurance has been servicing the residents of Michigan. They offer low-cost, reliable insurance coverages to fit your needs. Whether you need car, home, or renters insurance, Fremont provides it all.  

Fremont Insurance overview

Fremont Insurance specializes in providing quality products and services at competitive prices. They offer bundling services, discounts, and excellent customer service to all Michigan residents.

Filing a claim is simple

  • Phone: Call 800-550-0325 to file a claim
  • Online: Log in to your account directly on the Fremont Insurance website to file a claim


  1. Trusted insurance company, in business since 1876
  2. Easy online portal that allows you to control all aspects of your policy
  3. Easy, 24/7 claims process


  1. Limited coverage area, Fremont Insurance is exclusive to Michigan

Coverage options

  • Liability Coverage: Protects you for damages to others if you are at-fault in an accident.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Coverage for your vehicle from claims like theft, vandalism, weather, and falling objects.
  • Collision Coverage: Protection for damage to your vehicle if you have a covered accident such as colliding with another vehicle or experience a single-vehicle accident.

Fremont car insurance discounts

Fremont provides multiple discounts to help you save on your monthly premium.

Here are some discounts you may be eligible for:

  • Multi-Car Discount: Save when you insure two or more vehicles on your Fremont Insurance policy.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: Save money when you bundle your auto insurance with another one of Fremont's coverages, such as homeowners.
  • Claims Free Discount: Get credit when you go claims-free during your policy term.
  • Good Student Discount: High school and college students with a 'B' grade average or higher are eligible for a discount.
  • Low Mileage: Save money if you drive your vehicle 7,500 miles or less annually.

Consider Fremont Insurance if...

If you're a Michigan resident, Fremont Insurance is a great option. Their programs are designed specifically for events/scenarios exclusive to Michigan.

Consider alternatives to Fremont Insurance if...

If you live outside of Michigan you aren't eligible for Fremont Insurance coverage.

What is my best insurance option?

When shopping for car insurance it's important to compare several quotes side-by-side. This gives you the best pricing & coverage options.

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