Gabi Insurance Review

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Gabi is an excellent insurance comparison platform. Its easy online quote system allows for simple comparisons that save users hundreds of dollars. Gabi promises quotes in as little as 2 minutes.

Gabi Insurance overview

Gabi Insurance is a San Francisco-based company that started in 2016. The company is an insurance comparison platform finds you the  best deal as fast as possible.

The platform streamlines the quote process by checking and comparing your current policy with other insurance agencies.

Gabi provides you with a quote in 2 minutes. 70% of the time it’s lower than what you’re paying with your current insurance company!


  1. Save Money: Save hundreds of dollars per year by getting the best rate possible.
  2. Your Privacy Is Safe: Unlike many insurance price comparison sites, Gabi doesn’t sell your personal information.
  3. Fast And Easy Process: Once you create an account and provide your policy information, Gabi sends you a list of quotes in about 2 minutes.


  1. Quotes Aren't Final: The quote you get from Gabi isn't a binding quote from the insurance company. When your information is reviewed by the actual insurance company, the rate may be higher.
  2. Doesn't Work With All Companies: Gabi doesn’t work with some of the newer insurers like Root Car Insurance.

Gabi Insurance coverage options and discounts

Since Gabi acts as the concierge between you and the actual company that insures you, coverage options and discounts vary. During the app's quote process, you're able to review available policies and discounts.

Consider Gabi Insurance if...

Gabi is great for drivers looking for a lot of insurance comparisons in a short amount of time. The process is very fast and easy with most people saving hundreds of dollars from using the platform.

Gabi is a well-made platform that takes your privacy seriously. They never sell your info to a third party.

Consider alternatives to Gabi Insurance if...

If you're looking for final quotes and a platform that's all-encompassing, Gabi isn't right for you. Quotes aren't final with Gabi and need approval from the insurer. Gabi also doesn't include every insurer. Certain, newer insurers like Root aren't presented.

What's my best insurance option?

When shopping for car insurance it's important to compare several quotes side-by-side.  This gives you the best pricing & coverage options.

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