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Good2Go is a good insurer for non-standard drivers who can't get insurance anywhere else. If you're a non-standard driver, they not only cover you but offer cheap rates.

Good2Go Insurance overview

Good2Go focuses on drivers who normally have a difficult time finding insurance. Non-Standard drivers include drivers with:

  • Multiple Accidents
  • Poor Credit History
  • SR-22 Form Needs

Good2Go specializes in providing minimum coverage to those who need it at the cheapest rates possible. While a good choice for non-standard drivers who can't find insurance anywhere else, look elsewhere if you have a safe driving history.

Since Good2Go works with a number of insurance providers, they don't offer an instant quote. Instead, you have to wait for insurers to reach out to via email and over the phone to give you exact quotes.

Filing a claim is simple:

File your claim any time using the above claims email or your online account. Call the claims number to speak to an agent directly, available 8am-7pm EST.


  1. Minimum Required Car Insurance: Specializes in selling minimum required car insurance.
  2. Great Rates: Car premiums at Good2Go are lower than average for non-standard drivers.
  3. Works With Non-Standard Drivers: Good2Go works with drivers that have a history of multiple accidents, poor credit history, or require an SR-22.


  1. No Instant Quotes: Good2Go acts as the middleman between you and the insurer. So once you fill out their claims form, you're contacted by multiple insurers and agents by phone and email to provide exact quotes.
  2. Poor Customer Reviews: Good2Go has received numerous complaints, even to state regulators.

Good2Go Insurance coverage options

  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Covers the costs incurred from damaging another person’s property.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: This pays for the damages if the insured is deemed responsible for injuries or death to another individual.
  • Medical Expenses: Pays for medical expenses resulting in injuries caused to your passengers or driver of the insured auto.
  • Under-insured And Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Covers medical expenses caused by another driver who doesn't carry enough insurance to pay for all the damages.
  • Collision Coverage: Pays for the cost of damage to the insured car when in an at-fault accident.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers expenses caused by damage to the insured car by any other means besides an accident. This includes theft, severe weather, tree limbs falling, etc.

Good2Go insurance discounts

Good2Go offers a variety of discounts to help lower your monthly premium.

  • Defensive Driving Course: If you take and pass a state-certified defensive driving course.
  • Good Driver: Having a good driving history (no recent tickets, or accidents) gets you a discount.
  • Student Driver: Students who maintain a B average or above are eligible for a discount.
  • Homeownership: Those who own homes, condos, or mobile homes receive a discount.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: Insuring multiple vehicles on the same policy saves you money.
  • Paid In Full: Paying your premium in a lump sum saves you money.
  • Renewal Discount: Staying loyal to Good2Go makes you eligible for a discount.

Consider Good2Go Insurance if...

If you're a non-standard driver, struggling to find insurance, Good2Go is perfect for you. You have access to minimum car requirements insurance as well as full coverage at cheap rates.

Consider alternatives to Good2Go Insurance if...

If you're a regular driver seeking instant quotes and good customer support, Good2Go isn't for you. Good2Go focuses on non-standard drivers who are having a hard time finding insurance somewhere else.

What's my best insurance option?

When shopping for car insurance it's important to compare several quotes side-by-side. This gives you the best pricing & coverage options.

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