Can You Get Full Coverage Insurance With A Salvage Title?

Updated 3 days ago
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It's impossible to get full coverage insurance with a salvage title as these cars have been declared unfit to drive legally on the roads. It's possible to repair your car and apply for a rebuilt title making you eligible for full coverage insurance. However, it's not always an option, so you need to speak with your insurance provider about available options.

Can you get full coverage insurance with a salvage title?

Generally, insuring a car with a salvage title isn't possible unless you repair the vehicle and apply for a rebuilt title. This title declares that your car is able to be registered, driven, and sold.

Most insurance companies provide liability coverage for cars under this title, allowing you to maintain your state's minimum coverage requirement.

Keep in mind that finding an insurance company to provide full coverage is tough, but not impossible.

Why can't I get full coverage on rebuilt title cars?

Most insurance companies provide the state's minimum liability coverage for rebuilt title cars. Still, they're very hesitant in providing full coverage because:

  • It's much harder for your insurer to decide on the actual value of a car once it's been rebuilt; therefore, it's tougher to get auto insurance with collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • Rebuilt cars often have underlying damage that hasn't been fixed. It's tough to know if the damage done to a restored car is something that was existing or caused due to an accident.

How do car titles work?

There are 3 different vehicle titles. Before you purchase or insure your car, you need to know which title it has, including:

  • Clean title
  • Salvage title
  • Rebuilt title

How to apply for full insurance on a car with a rebuilt salvage title

If you want to get full coverage on your rebuilt title car, you need to provide certain information, including:

  • Certified mechanic's statement: This form is required in order to verify that your car is able to safely and legally drive on the road.
  • Photos of your car: Pictures (and sometimes videos) of your vehicle are needed if you want to apply for full coverage. These are necessary as your insurance provider looks at before and after stages when you make a claim.
  • Your car's original repair estimate: Get the original repair estimate from the repair shop or the seller of your vehicle. This document details the improvements made so your insurance provider is aware that all previous damage is fully repaired.

How do I get the best coverage on my rebuilt title car?

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