Does Car Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

Updated 3 days ago
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If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance covers hurricane damage. This type of coverage includes necessary repairs or the replacement of your car if it's totaled due to heavy rains.

Why should you add comprehensive coverage to your insurance policy?

Comprehensive coverage is the only policy that covers your car for hail damage and weather-related accidents.

Liability and collision coverage provides protection for at-fault and not-at-fault accidents involving another vehicle, person, or piece of property.

What is covered by comprehensive auto insurance?

Your comprehensive car insurance policy protects you from the following:

  • Civil disobedience: Someone breaks the law and vandalizes your car.
  • Explosions and fire: Damage caused by flames and explosions are covered.
  • Damage from animals: You hit an animal, or an animal runs into your car.
  • Falling objects: An object falls onto your vehicle, you will be covered.
  • Glass damage: Broken windows and cracks
  • Natural disasters: Extreme natural events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods.
  • Terrorism: Damage from a terrorist attack
  • Weather-related incidents: Damage caused by hail, heavy rain, or any other severe weather

How much do collision and comprehensive coverage cost?

According to statistics, the national annual average for collision coverage is $526, and comprehensive coverage is around $192. If you make a claim for hurricane damage (typically from comprehensive coverage), expect to pay around 3% more on your rates for the next 3 years.

Progressive provides you with full insurance at a competitive rate of $2393 per year. Learn more about Progressive, here.

Why should you buy coverage before storm warnings?

Hurricane season falls between June to November. Alerts about upcoming storms get sent from the National Hurricane Center when wind speeds reach 39 to 73 MPH.

You're given 48-72 hours to prepare for the tropical storm or hurricane.

Get coverage policies in place before this happens. Otherwise, your insurance company isn't able to protect you in time.

Insurance restrictions before a hurricane

In some cases, insurance companies place restrictions on clients from ordering policies during this window period. As soon as the 48-72 hour window period is announced, you aren't able to get coverage.

Renew your policy to make sure you're protected if your auto insurance is set to expire during hurricane season. Avoid buying a new car if you're aware that a storm is approaching.

How to claim for hurricane damage from your auto insurance

  1. When the storm passes, and it's declared safe to go outside, take your camera and capture pictures of the damage done to your vehicle.
  2. Get in touch with your insurance provider and make your claim. Remember that deductibles are subtracted from your repairs and payouts.
  3. Your insurer instructs you on how to protect your vehicle from further damage. Follow these instructions precisely because failure to do this leads to issues with your claim.

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