Does Car Insurance Cover Repairs?

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Basic car insurance covers repairs needed to fix accident-related damage. Repairs for regular wear and tear aren't covered. Add Mechanical Breakdown Protection Insurance (MBI) to your policy to get coverage. It's available for both new and pre-owned cars.

Does my auto insurance pay for my car's regular repairs?

Full auto insurance includes liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. These policies protect your vehicle from damage done by other vehicles and objects. Repairs after not-at-fault and at-fault accidents get covered, minus your deductible.

General wear and tear aren't included in basic auto insurance policies. Auto insurance only covers mechanical repairs if you've added Mechanical Breakdown Protection Insurance to your policy.

What is Mechanical Breakdown Protection Insurance (MBI)?

This extra insurance provides better coverage than most warranties. MBI insurance covers costs to repair damage from wear and tear, and it's available for both used and new cars.

How much does Mechanical Breakdown Protection cost?

This extra policy costs an average of $300 a year, and repairs are available at a shop of your choice. Typically, deductibles are between $0-$500.

Rates vary based on things like the following:

  • Insurance provider
  • Car type
  • Driving history
  • Location

Progressive provides Mechanical Breakdown Insurance with a $50 discount at AAA-approved repair shops. Contact Progressive to get an easy quote, today!

What does Mechanical Breakdown Protection Insurance cover?

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance saves you money on car repairs as your car gets worn. It covers for repair and replacement of vehicle parts, such as:

  • Transmission
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes
  • Engine parts (e.g., oil pump, water pump, etc.)
  • Drive-train
  • Electrical components (e.g., alternator)

You're covered for more repairs if you've got a comprehensive MBI policy that includes:

  • Steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Fuel system

What does MBI not cover?

MBI covers damage caused to your vehicle due to wear and tear, excluding:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Accident-related damage

Companies that provide a Mechanical Breakdown Protection policy

Not all insurance companies provide MBI, but we've compiled a list of ones that do:

  • Progressive: Progressive's a reputable insurance provider and their rates are affordable. There's also an optional good driver discount that saves you 30% on your premiums. Contact Progressive to get an easy quote, today!
  • AARP: AARP (Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford) offers MBI at a great rate. AARP offers you more savings when you complete good driver courses.
  • Gabi: Gabi allows you to get MBI as an extra feature on your auto insurance policy. Apply for discounts and save up to 55% on our auto insurance premiums.
  • Clearcover: Clearcover provides MBI at a great rate. They also offer further discounts and money-saving options for you to consider.

3 things to consider before you purchase MBI

  • Purchasing MBI helps you save money because some companies provide extra perks and discounts when you buy this additional policy.
  • Filing for an MBI claim is the same as filing for a regular insurance claim, either make a call or apply online.
  • Your insurance premiums rates don't go up after the cancellation of this policy. However, you lose extra discounts that you previously qualified for this policy.

How do I get the best coverage for car repairs?

Look at as many deals as possible to find the perfect MBI policy for you. Get instant quotes tailored to your needs - fill out our short form, today!

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