Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?

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Your car insurance covers towing if you've been in an accident and your car is unable to drive. Add roadside assistance to your policy to have coverage for non-accident related situations.

Am I covered for tow services with basic auto insurance?

Most insurance companies provide free tow services if your car gets damaged in an accident. You're typically provided with tow services for up to 100 miles. However, towing is not included by basic insurance for a non-accident related reason. In this case, you need to have roadside assistance.

What is roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is an additional feature that covers tow services if your car breaks down. Claiming for roadside assistance doesn't raise your premiums and it has no deductibles.

You qualify for tow services if your vehicle weighs less than 3.5-4 tons and is less than 3 meters high.

How much does roadside assistance cost?

It costs an average of $36 to $100 a year as an add-on. Rates vary based on things like your car type, age, and location.

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How does roadside assistance cover towing?

Contact your insurer to inform them of your location and situation to have a tow truck sent your way. Along with towing, roadside assistance includes service for:

  • Flat-tire changes
  • Jump-starts
  • Fuel or battery delivery to your car
  • A locksmith if your key gets lost, stolen, or locked in your vehicle

3 things to consider before purchasing roadside assistance

  • Some insurance companies require both collision and comprehensive coverage to get tow services. Read your auto insurance contract to see if you need both services to qualify. In some cases, you save money by adding roadside assistance instead.
  • If you're in a not-at-fault accident, the at-fault driver's insurance covers your tow services.
  • Roadside assistance best benefits those with cars that often break down.

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