Does Insurance Cover My Car If I Hit A Pole?

Updated 3 days ago
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Adding comprehensive insurance to your policy covers you if you hit a pole with your car. It includes all types of damage caused by poles, as well as other objects. Basic insurance only covers damage caused to others during at-fault accidents, so you need an upgrade to stay protected.

What is comprehensive coverage, and do I need it?

Comprehensive includes coverage for accidents that don't involve another vehicle, such as hitting a pole.

Make a claim for damages to your car if you've included this policy into your auto insurance plan. All damage repairs are covered, up to your limit and minus your deductible.

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What is covered by comprehensive auto insurance?

Comprehensive insurance covers for the following:

  • Civil disobedience: Someone breaks the law and vandalizes your car
  • Explosions and fire: Damage caused by flames and explosions
  • Damage from animals: You hit an animal or an animal runs into your car
  • Falling objects: An object falls onto your vehicle (e.g., pole or tree branch)
  • Glass damage: Broken windows and cracks
  • Natural disasters: Extreme natural events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods
  • Terrorism: Damage caused by a terrorist attack
  • Weather-related incidents: Damage caused by hail, heavy rain, or any other severe weather

Do I have to pay for damage done to the pole/object?

It depends on who the pole or object belongs to, as well as how exactly the accident happened. Still, in most cases you're responsible for repairing the damaged pole. If you've got comprehensive coverage in your policy, then this expense is covered.

Can I be fined for hitting a pole?

If you've accidentally hit a pole, you're not liable for a fine. Car accidents aren't seen as an offense, so you don't get fined.

How do I make an insurance claim after hitting a pole?

When making your claim, take certain steps to ensure that you are covered, including:

  1. Assess the situation and see how bad it is. Call an emergency service immediately if someone is injured.
  2. Write down exactly how the accident happened and document all the essential details. Do this while it's still fresh in your mind as it helps you to explain the situation to your insurer.
  3. Take photographs of the damage caused by the pole. These pictures are required by your insurance company to validate your claim.
  4. As soon as you've gathered information and clarified how the accident happened, call your insurer. If necessary, tow services get sent to you.
  5. Stay at the scene of your accident until your towing has been arranged.
  6. Call the police on their non-emergency hotline within the next 24 hours to report the accident.

3 things to consider when getting comprehensive insurance

  • Comprehensive coverage gets added as an extra policy, or it's automatically included if you upgrade to full insurance.
  • Your comprehensive coverage doesn't include damage caused by a car accident or hit-and-runs with uninsured drivers.
  • The average cost of comprehensive insurance is $136 per year. However, it depends on your car model, your location, and more.

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