Peach State Auto Insurance Review

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Peach State Auto Insurance is a provider for auto coverage in North Georgia. They work as a middle-man between you and leading insurers to find the lowest auto premium possible. Get affordable liability, collision and comprehensive coverage for your car, RV or truck.  

Peach State Auto Insurance overview

Peach State Insurance has over 20 years of insurance experience. The company was first established in 1993 and quickly grew a reputation for their great service and affordable rates. 

Peach State Insurance prides themselves on making high-quality auto coverage inexpensive and easy to find. They work with individuals, families and businesses. They’re also one of the few auto insurance companies that provide coverage for high-risk drivers. 

The company works as a middle-man between you and major providers, such as the following: 

  • Progressive Insurance
  • Access Insurance Company
  • Jupiter Auto Insurance
  • Infinity Auto Insurance

They serve 27 communities across North Georgia, bringing you the best auto coverage for the lowest price. 


  • Online service: Get a user-friendly online portal for claims and payments. 
  • Great team: Peach State prides themselves on having a team of helpful representatives, guaranteeing you a personalized experience.   
  • 24-hour service: Representatives are available to you around the clock, making it easy for you to make a claim.
  • Bilingual: There are members of the team that speak Spanish.  


  • Limited coverage area: Peach State Auto Insurance isn’t available nationwide. You need to live in North Georgia to get auto coverage with them. 

Coverage options

  • Collision Coverage: Damage caused to your car during an at-fault accident gets covered. This policy doesn’t include medical bills.   
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers damage done to your car that isn’t caused by another vehicle. It includes theft, severe weather, a falling tree branch or telephone pole, etc.   
  • Uninsured motorists coverage: If you’re involved in an accident with a hit-and-run driver, your auto repairs get covered. 
  • Property damage liability: Damages caused to someone else’s property during a collision are paid for. 
  • Bodily injury liability: You’re covered for injury that you cause to someone else. This is an essential service if you drive daily. 

Peach State Auto Insurance discounts

There’s no available list of discounts on the Peach State Auto Insurance website. Call a representative at 678-407-4004 or inquire online to ask about which discounts you’re eligible for. 

Consider Peach State Auto Insurance, if…

Peach State Auto Insurance is a great option for drivers in North Georgia. Their auto premiums are sourced from major insurers and are designed to be affordable. This helps you cut back on annual auto coverage costs. 

They also have an online portal to ensure you’re able to easily manage your policy, as well as bilingual representatives. Peach Auto Insurance is one of the best options for Spanish residents in Georgia. 

Consider alternatives to Peach State Auto Insurance, if…

Peach State Auto Insurance has a limited service area and only covers residents in North Georgia. If you don’t live in this area, then you need to look elsewhere for service. 

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