Tejas Auto Insurance Review

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Tejas Auto Insurance is a multi-line insurance company that acts as your middle-man between independent agencies. Get a wide range of auto policies, from basic liability coverage to full coverage in Texas. They’re known for giving hassle-free claims, low premiums and an excellent variety of options. 

Tejas Auto Insurance overview

Tejas Auto Insurance established itself in 1980 and now has over 40 years of insurance experience. Based in Texas, they have a dedicated team of experts to assist you in finding the most affordable auto coverage. 

Tejas Auto Insurance is your middle-man between independent insurance agencies. They offer competitive and affordable auto premiums, as well as a variety of options, ensuring you get a policy that matches your needs and preferences.

Tejas Auto Insurance doesn’t only provide insurance for cars, but also for the following: 

  • Motorcycles
  • RVs
  • Homes & Rentals
  • Boats
  • Commercial Properties


  • Online service: Get a user-friendly online portal for claims and payments. 
  • Affordable premiums: Tejas Auto Insurance provides you with multiple options from independent agencies. This helps to ensure you get the lowest premiums possible.  
  • 24-hour service: Representatives are available to you around the clock, making it easy for you to make a claim.


  • No mobile app: Tejas Auto Insurance doesn’t offer you a mobile app to conveniently manage your policies or make claims on-the-go. 
  • Limited coverage area: Tejas Auto Insurance only provides coverage to residents in Texas. If you don’t live in this state, then you can’t get coverage. 

Coverage options

  • Collision Coverage: Damage caused to your car during an at-fault accident gets covered. This policy doesn’t include medical bills.   
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers damage done to your car that isn’t caused by another vehicle. It includes theft, severe weather, a falling tree branch or telephone pole, etc.   
  • Uninsured motorists coverage: If you’re involved in an accident with a hit-and-run driver, your auto repairs get covered. 
  • Property damage liability: Damages caused to someone else’s property during a collision are paid for. 
  • Bodily injury liability: You’re covered for injury that you cause to someone else. This is an essential service if you drive daily. 

Tejas Auto Insurance discounts

There’s no available list of discounts on the Tejas Auto Insurance website. Call a representative at 361-814-0030 or inquire online to ask about which discounts you’re eligible for. 

Consider Tejas Auto Insurance, if…

Tejas Auto Insurance is a fantastic option for people looking for an affordable insurer in Texas. With a wide variety of partners, you’re guaranteed the lowest premiums. Their dedicated staff are also open to you 24/7, giving you great service and hassle-free claims. 

Being a multi-line company, Tejas Auto Insurance also gives you the opportunity to insure multiple vehicles and properties with one policy. This makes them a worthwhile option for people with multiple vehicles and assets. 

Consider alternatives to Tejas Auto Insurance, if…

Tejas Auto Insurance has a limited service area and only covers residents in Texas. If you don’t live in this area, then you need to look elsewhere for service. 

They’re also not the best option if you’re a high-risk driver. In this case, it’s better for you to look at a non-standard insurer. 

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