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United Auto Insurance provides auto coverage in Chicago. They’re one of the few insurers that gives coverage to high-risk drivers, with SR-22 insurance available. You’re also able to get liability, collision and comprehensive insurance. They’re known for having a drive-thru service, bilingual team and a renewal discount. 

United Auto Insurance overview

United Auto Insurance is located in Chicago and provides non-standard insurance to residents of the state, as well as Northwest Indiana. They have over 50 years of auto insurance, making them a very reliable option when compared to other non-standard providers. Their aim is to help you save money and maintain the state’s minimum liability coverage. 

United Auto Insurance has a dedicated team to help you get a personalized auto premium for the lowest price. You’re also able to use your credit card, debit card or check account to make payments over a phone call with one of their representitives. Their team is bilingual, making them a great option for Spanish speaking individuals. 

The company’s most unique feature is their drive-thru option. Get a quote, make a payment or request a claim by driving through to their branch in North Harlem Avenue, Chicago, IL. 


  • Coverage for ‘high-risk’ drivers: Unlike most companies, United Auto Insurance offers competitive coverage rates for high-risk drivers, including SR-22 Insurance. 
  • Online service: United Auto Insurance provides a user-friendly online portal for claims and payments. 
  • Roadside assistance: Get roadside assistance to protect you during your travels. This includes towing, tire changes, winching services and more. 
  • 24-hour service: Representatives are available to you around the clock, making it easy for you to get coverage.


  • Limited service area: United Auto Insurance only provides coverage to the state of Illinois and parts of Indiana. If you don’t live in this state then you can’t get a policy.

Coverage options

  • SR-22 insurance: Get this policy to ensure your eligibility for ‘high-risk’ auto coverage. This document is an agreement between United Auto Insurance and your state. It allows you to drive after you’ve received a DUI. 
  • Collision Coverage: Damage caused to your car during an at-fault accident gets covered. This policy doesn’t include medical bills.   
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers damage done to your car that isn’t caused by another vehicle. It includes theft, severe weather, a falling tree branch or telephone pole, etc.   
  • Uninsured motorists coverage: If you’re involved in an accident with a hit-and-run driver, your auto repairs get covered. 
  • Property damage liability: Damages caused to someone else’s property during a collision are paid for. 
  • Bodily injury liability: You’re covered for injury that you cause to someone else. This is an essential service if you drive daily. 

United Auto Insurance discounts

  • Safe Driver Discount: Get a reduced price with United Auto Insurance if you’ve gone 3-5 years without an at-fault accident. 
  • Multi-Car Discount: You’re eligible for a discounted rate with Nationwide if you insure many vehicles on one policy. 
  • Renewal Discount: Maintain your policy for a certain amount of time and receive a discounted rate. 

Consider United Auto Insurance, if…

United Auto Insurance is the best option for people living in Chicago looking for high-risk coverage. They’re a non-standard provider that offers SR-22 Insurance. They also have a bilingual team to assist you if you speak Spanish. This makes them a great option for people seeking a diverse company with personalized service. 

Consider alternatives to United Auto Insurance, if…

United Auto Insurance isn’t available to those outside of Chicago. If you live outside the state, seek other providers. 

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