How Do I Get Allstate's Good Student Discount?

Updated November, 2020
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Allstate provides a good student discount of up to 30% for single, full-time students under the age of 25. To qualify, you need a minimum 2.7 GPA or higher, or proven completion of a good drivers course. You also qualify if you attend school at least 100 miles away from where your car is garaged.  

What is Allstate's good student discount?  

Allstate provides students to save up to 30% on their auto insurance premiums with a good students auto insurance discount. Drivers aged 16 - 25 pay around 80% more on their auto insurance rates. This discount is in place to help students to afford the high insurance rates that are typical for inexperienced drivers.  

Who can apply for Allstate's good student discount?

To apply you need to fall under the following:

  • Under 25: Students age 25 and older are not be able to apply for this particular discount. Although, they can apply for other student discounts available.
  • No marital status: You also need to be unmarried to qualify. Young drivers who have spouses cannot meet the requirements.

How to qualify for Allstate's good student discount

Meet one or more of the following requirements to qualify for Allstate's student discounts:

  • You live away from home: If you live 100 miles or more away from where your car is garaged, you're able to get a good student discount. This discount is provided on the premise that you're only driving your car during holidays and weekends.
  • Complete a good drivers course: Complete a good drivers course to be eligible for a good student discount. This course proves you are reliable behind the wheel and have good drivers knowledge.
  • Good grades: The student has a 2.7 GPA and above or B average and above grade.   These grades prove that the student has worked hard and has earned the discount. Students need to be full-time to qualify.      

4 things to consider when applying for Allstate's good student discount

  • Good student discounts do not apply in all states, so keep this in mind when applying. However, Allstate does provide coverage to more states than most other insurers.      
  • There are other discounts available with Allstate so keep that in mind if you don't qualify for this particular discount.
  • Over and above discounts, there are other ways for you to save money as a student.  Apply for comprehensive coverage only, stay on your parent's policy or add to your deductibles.
  • Some companies provide higher good-student discount rates than others. It’s important to weigh your options and compare as many quotes as possible.  

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