Can I Add A Car To My Insurance That Is Not In My Name?

Updated 3 days ago
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Adding a vehicle that's in someone else's name to your insurance policy is a bit tricky. Insurance companies want to ensure that the primary policyholder (you) has what's called insurable interest in the car you're trying to insure. While proving insurable interest is difficult, it's not impossible.

What is insurable interest?

Insurable interest means that you have sufficient reasoning for insuring a vehicle that's not in your name. Only in rare cases do insurance companies allow you to insure a car you don't own. One alternate option is to become an additional owner of the car by co-titling the vehicle.

How to co-title a car?

Each state's Department of Motor Vehicles has specific requirements for doing this. Still, in order to add an owner to a car, you'll likely need to jointly apply for a new title.

This usually involves filling out a form with the names and information of both drivers, paying a fee, and going to the DMV to sign the new title.

Once you're added to the title as a co-owner of the car, you're free to get an insurance policy.

What if I'm driving a friend or family member's car?

If you drive your family or friend's vehicles often, consider buying non-owner insurance. This gives you liability coverage in the case of an at-fault accident. You may also ask them to add you to their policy as an additional driver. This saves you money and protects you and the vehicle owner in case of an accident.

What if I am the primary driver of a vehicle I don't own?

Speak to the owner of the car about adding your name on the policy as an additional driver. This process is simple if you live with the primary policyholder or if you're a student who lives away from home.

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