Can You Buy A Used Car Without Insurance?

Updated 3 days ago
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It's possible to buy a used car without insurance. However, in most states, you won't be able to legally drive it off the lot. So, it's best to prepare and purchase insurance in advance.

Why do I need insurance before I buy a car?

In most states, dealerships don't let you drive off the lot without proof of insurance. Even states that don't require insurance ask you to pay a deposit with your local government. New and used cars are treated equally in terms of this law.

The idea is to mitigate the issue of uninsured drivers and to protect insured drivers and pedestrians in case of an accident. Accidents may happen even when you think you're focused and driving your best. You don't want to accidentally hurt yourself and others with no way to pay for the damages.

What's the fastest way to get insurance?

The quickest way to get car insurance is to do your research before purchasing the vehicle. If you've got an agent already, simply email or fax them your new car information.

Car sales are higher on the weekends, and insurance companies know this. That's why most provide a hotline to easily add your new car to your policy.

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Using an existing policy

Check your existing policy. You may already have the insurance coverage you need. In some cases, it's possible to insure your new vehicle right away.

Be prepared to call your insurer within a few days to officially add the new car to your policy. The automatic protection from your existing policy is temporary, so don't forget to make that call!

Also keep in mind, some dealerships aren't savvy to this technique. They may still hassle you to provide some proof of insurance. Contact your agent in advance to find out if a temporary proof of insurance is provided, just in case!

Planning ahead

If you already know the exact car you want to purchase, it's best to call your agent ahead of time. Avoid any hassle, get your insurance, and have proof ready before you even step on the lot.

Ask your agent to set the effective date for the day before you pick up the car. Don't forget to include relevant information like your new car's VIN and price.

Tips for getting your first policy

Are you a new driver? Here are some tips for getting your first policy:

  • Get added to a family member's insurance. As a new driver, you're considered a higher risk to an insurer. Your insurance is likely to be very expensive if bought separately.
  • Research the average insurance rate for the makes and models of cars that interest you. Use a comparison website to see what insurance companies are charging for different types of vehicles.
  • Make sure to have your mobile handy or ask your salesperson if they can give you access to the internet. You may be able to shop and compare policies online in the moment. If so, purchase your policy online and have your proof of insurance faxed to your salesperson right away.

What are you waiting for?

Shopping for a car is so exciting! Don't let something like proof of insurance hold you back. Do your research, and go in prepared.

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