Can You Get Car Insurance With A Suspended License?

Updated April, 2020

Insurance companies won't cover you if you're not legally able to drive. Getting full car insurance with a suspended license isn't possible, even with a restricted license. However, getting SR-22 insurance is an option that allows you to keep up your legal requirements.

Getting insurance with a suspended license

The only way to get insurance is to get a restricted license from your DMV. The license temporarily reinstates some of your driving privileges. It makes you eligible for auto SR-22 (Safety Responsibility) insurance.

What is SR-22 insurance?

SR-22 is a form that your insurance company signs to reinstate driving privileges after your license has been suspended. This form is sent directly to the state's DMV from your insurance company as a way of informing the state that you're still insured.

This policy typically lasts between 3-5 years and covers you until you get your license back.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost?

It costs an average of $25 to file for SR-22 insurance with your state. Keep in mind that your insurance premiums skyrocket an average of 20% after you make a claim for SR-22 insurance.

Allstate provides affordable SR-22 insurance to drivers with a suspended license. Learn more about Allstate, here

How do you get SR-22 insurance?

Apply for SR-22 coverage with your insurance company. However, not all insurance companies offer this policy, and often times it's costly.

We've found 3 of the best non-standard insurance companies with affordable SR-22 coverage:

  • Titan
  • The General
  • Acceptance

Why do you need to have car insurance with a suspended license?

Maintaining your state's minimum liability coverage is a law in most states.   Legally, you must have insurance on your vehicle. Without this coverage, your car could be impounded.  You could face a hefty fine, and possible jail time.

Save money on auto insurance with a suspended license

  • The only way to know that you're saving money on SR-22 coverage is to compare multipe quotes.
  • Each insurance company has a different view on how to factor in traffic violations. Some insurance companies charge extremely high rates for SR-22 coverage.
  • Applying for SR-22 coverage causes your insurance premiums to skyrocket. Swap to a cheaper provider to save on expensive auto policy rates until your driving record's clean.

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