Do I Have To Add My Teenager To My Car Insurance?

Updated 3 days ago
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If your teen is in permit and not licensed yet you don't need to. Once your teen IS licensed, you could be paying a lot more for separate insurance. We share the main advantages to adding your teen to your auto insurance ( + money-saving tips)!

Transitioning from permit to driver's license

While it's a good idea to check with your insurer, most policies will cover a permit driver. Once they receive their license though, you need to get them insured ASAP! 

Contact your insurance company when your teen gets their permit instead of waiting. This will give you ample time to ask your insurer questions and shop around for the best price. 

Why is it better to insure your teen on your existing policy?

Usually, it is cheaper to add a teen to your existing policy than to get separate insurance for the young driver. Some insurance companies will raise everyone's rate in the policy when trying to add a teen. 

So it may still be cheaper to have the whole family on the same policy, just a different one from what you have. By keeping your teen on your policy, you can take advantage of certain discounts (i.e a multi-vehicle discount).

Decide how much coverage you need

If you have your Liability Insurance set to your state's bare minimum, reconsider. While that may be fine for you and keep your budget reasonable, teen drivers are at a greater risk of accidents.

It's more likely for a teenager to get into an auto accident than any other age group. Lower liability limits won't cover repairs or medical bills after a serious collision. So it's likely, that if they do get into an accident, your minimum liability coverage won't be enough. 

Ask your insurer about the most reasonable liability policy for your budget. Need a second opinion? Fill out our form here to receive a professional recommendation. 

Money-saving tips for teen insurance

Below are some easy discounts most people can qualify for. Be sure to take advantage of any discounts you can to lower your rates as much as possible.


Where to start?

Whether you need to add your teen to your car insurance mainly depends on if they have their license yet. While you can always get them a separate policy, in most cases, it's much cheaper to just add them to yours. Don't be afraid to shop around and ask questions now, not later. 

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