Do I Need Insurance If I Don't Drive My Car?

Updated 3 days ago
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You are legally required to have auto insurance if you own a car, even if you don't drive it. You also need to have coverage if your car is parked on a street, driveway or in your garage. If it is not covered, it can potentially be seized by the police in your state.

When do I not need car insurance?

Although it is advised your vehicle to be insured in all cases, there are times when you are not legally required to have coverage.

Here are some reasons you may not need to have auto insurance for your car.

  • Statutory Off Road Notification: A valid certificate from SORN allows you to legally be uninsured if you are not driving your vehicle.
  • Your Car Is Off The Road: Your car can legally be uninsured if it has been kept off your state’s roads from the 1st of February 1998
  • Your Car Is Unable To Drive: If your car is totaled and you are not able to drive it, you do not have to have insurance. This is provided that you have given sufficient notice.
  • Your Car Is With A Dealer: If you are in the middle of purchasing your car, and it is held in stock or is in between dealers, then you do not need to be insured.

What if you are insuring your car for someone else?

If you are not driving your car and you are intending for someone else in your family or close circle to drive it, then consider getting permissive use coverage. This option allows for liability insurance.

This means that your car is allowed to be driven a handful of times a year, by whomever has permission to drive it. This is not something all insurers provide. Look closely at what policies are provided by the company of your choice.

If extensive damage is done to your car during an accident while someone who is not listed in your policy was driving, then the damage done to your car is still covered. However, the damage done to the other person’s car is not covered in this case.

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Money-saving tips

If your car is able to be locked away securely, and not left out in the open, you have more insurance options available to you. Those with cars that are left out on the street or in their driveways need both collision and liability coverage, meaning their rates will be higher.

If your car is locked away safely, you only need comprehensive coverage. This is to protect your car from any damage that can potentially still occur, such as floods or fires. By paying for only one policy, you are cutting costs and lowering your insurance rates.  

Do not cancel your insurance if you are not driving your car. Gaps in your insurance payments leads to skyrocketing insurance rates in the future.

Another way to save money is to compare as many quotes as possible, as each company provides different discounts and rates based on your situation.

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