How Much Does Car Insurance On A Mustang For An 18-Year-Old Cost?

Updated 3 days ago
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Insuring a Mustang for an 18-year-old typically costs between $3,281 and $10,411 per year. Young drivers are considered to be a higher risk than those over the age of 26. At the same time, a Mustang is a high-performance vehicle with more expensive parts than traditional cars. These factors significantly increase the insurance rate.

Why are the insurance rates so high for an 18-year-old driver with a Mustang?

On average, teen drivers pay almost 80% more on coverage than drivers age 26 and older. Statistics show that young drivers are prone to making 3x more claims and have less experience on the road. Making them riskier to insure.

Fortunately, there are discounts your teen may qualify for to help lower their rate.

Insuring a Mustang for 18-year-old females versus males

In general, males pay an average of 10% more on vehicle insurance than females do, simply because they tend to file more claims.

However, some states don't consider gender when working out your insurance rates, including:

  • Hawaii
  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Parts of Michigan

Why is insuring a Mustang more expensive than a traditional car?

Some things to consider when insuring your teenager's Mustang are the following:

  • Repairs: Mustang parts are more expensive than regular cars, and repairs are more costly.
  • Type of Body: A Mustang is a two-door coupe that's built for high performance, therefore resulting in higher insurance premiums.
  • High Theft Potential: Statistics show that Mustangs are stolen more frequently than conservative cars, dubbing them as 'pony' cars. This potentially increases your auto insurance rates.

How to save money on Mustang insurance for an 18-year-old

There are ways to make car insurance for your Mustang more affordable, including:

  • Insure an older model: Older Mustangs are cheaper to insure than newer Mustangs. For example, the 2011 Mustang is 28% cheaper to insure than the latest model.
  • One policy: Add your teenager onto your insurance policy to save up to $5,000 per year. Allstate offers bundling discounts of up to 25%. Contact Allstate for an easy quote, today!
  • Good student discount: Students with a high GPA qualify for a discount averaging around 7%. If either you or your child is under the age of 23, you may be eligible for a good student discount from Progressive. Contact Progressive to see if you qualify, today!
  • Military discount: Children of military members and veterans get up to 15% off on premiums.
  • Share one car: List your teen as an occasional driver to get a decreased rate on their Mustang. Families sharing one car are provided with an average 15% discount.
  • Safe driving discount: If you've got a clean record, you're eligible for a discount with your insurance company. Liberty Mutual offers safe drivers up to 30% off. Contact Liberty Mutual to see how much you can save, today!

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