How Do You Get Progressive's Good Student Discount?

Updated 3 days ago
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Progressive's Good Student Discount is offered to full-time students who have a B average (or higher) grade. Students need to be age 16 - 23 to qualify. This discount allows you to pay less on your auto insurance rates, making coverage more affordable for young drivers.

What is Progressive's good student discount?  

Progressive allows students to qualify for a 7% discount on their insurance premiums. Students with good grades can apply for a good student discount. Drivers aged 16 - 25 pay around 80% more on their auto insurance rates. This discount is in place to help students to afford high insurance rates.

Auto insurance companies consider teenagers and students to be high-risk drivers because statistics have shown that the lack of driving experience correlates with more accidents.  

That is why young drivers pay more in insurance rates.

Luckily, you can save money by having a high GPA and/or grade average.  

How to qualify for Progressive's good student discount

Here's a list of requirements needed to qualify for Progressive's good student discount.

  • Under 24: Progressive provides a good student discount to students who are under the age of 23. Students 24 and older are not able to apply for this particular discount but can apply for other student discounts available.  
  • Good grades: The student has a B average or above grade or maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. It proves that the student works hard and is eligible for the discount.
  • Proof of grades: Progressive requires that you send proof of your grades for each term to fully qualify for this discount. Progressive goes on the assumption that if you're able to produce good grades, you're more likely to be a reliable and focused driver.  
  • Full time student: Part-time students cannot apply for this discount.

3 things to consider when applying for Progressive's good student discount  

  • Good student discount with Progressive saves you money by cutting back on high insurance rates if you're a young driver and allows you to afford better coverage.
  • There are other student discounts available that help you to save big on your monthly and annual premiums.  
  • Apply for comprehensive coverage only, stay on your parent's policy, or add to your deductibles to save more on your premiums.

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