BMW Roadside Assistance Number

Updated October, 2020
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Do you really need roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is something you'd rather have and not need than need and not have. Having roadside assistance can save your day if your car decides to break down while driving. While you may hope you never need to use it, knowing it's there can give you peace of mind. Imagine if you or your family gets stranded in a strange area at night. Roadside assistance can come and get you back underway. Here are some benefits that you can have with roadside assistance:

  • A safety net, so you aren't stranded on the side of the road
  • Savings or discount on services
  • Help with a mechanical issue
  • Peace of mind for other drivers, if the plan covers additional drivers

What does roadside assistance cover?

In general, roadside assistance covers most mechanical failures while on the road. This can include anything from helping you put your spare tire on or jumping off your battery. Some roadside assistance companies even bring gas to your car or pay for a locksmith. However, roadside services usually have a limit on how many times you can call on them per year and price limits per event. While the benefits vary between providers, BMW provides some services as a part of their plan.

  • Battery jump starts
  • Delivery of fuel or operating fluids  
  • Tire changes
  • Lock-out services

How does BMW roadside assistance work?

BMW roadside assistance is offered in conjunction with their Master Technical Team to provide BMW drivers the peace of mind you'd expect. BMW covers your car, not just you, so you're covered even if someone else is driving your BMW. BMW is available at no cost for 4 years for those that buy a new BMW or up to 6 years for those who buy a certified pre-owned BMW. BMW offers a service called Trip Interruption Assistance. This reimburses you if you have a break down 100 miles or more from your home. Trip Interruption Assistance reimburses you $1,000 with original receipts. MTT can read the signals your BMW is giving off to help you over the phone. If your BMW breaks down, it can be towed to the nearest BMW service center within 50 miles. BMW can also plan your trips for you. They can send you a personalized road map and time tables for your trip. BMW roadside assistance is available in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico at no extra charge.

How do I contact BMW roadside assistance?

  • Call 1-800-332-4BMW (800-332-4269)
  • Select BMW Roadside Assistance from the BMW Assist menu of ConnectedDrive, or with the BMW Connected app.
  • Pressing your vehicle's BMW Assist SOS button

When I need it, can I rely on my insurance?

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Having peace of mind while you're traveling is something you should strive for. BMW roadside assistance is there to help you 24/7, 365 days a year. To contact BMW roadside assistance, you have a few options. You can call BMW at 1-800-332-4269, you can use the BMW assist menu in your vehicle, or press the SOS button in your car.

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