Costs To Repair Vehicle Hail Damage

Updated 3 days ago

The cost to repair hail damage varies depending on the size of the dents. Small dents cost up to $45 each, medium dents up to $55 each, and large dents can be over $75 each. After parts, labor, and paint, your total can average out at around $2,000.

How to spot hail damage on your car

A solid ball of ice falling out of the sky can hurt you as well as your car. Hail typically ranges from golf ball-sized balls up to potentially softball sized balls. Hailstones can cause significant damage to your vehicle, regardless of their size. Here is what to look for after a hailstorm:

  • Dents in the hood, doors, roof, and sides
  • Broken or cracked windshields
  • Misaligned or missing side mirrors
  • Stuck or dented doorjambs

Here's how much it costs to repair hail damage

Your cost to repair your vehicle depends on the extent of the damage. Larger dents and a significant number of dents increases the cost of your repair. For the size of the dents, you have 3 different price ranges:

  • Small- $30-$45 per dent
  • Medium- $45-$55 per dent
  • Large- $75 per dent

Just because your dents are small doesn't mean your repair will be cheap. Smaller hailstones naturally occur in higher numbers. 20 small dents cost much more than 5 large dents. The average cost of repairs after a hailstorm is $2,000 after parts, labor, and paint.

Can you repair hail damage yourself?

Yes, you can repair hail damage on your own. However, DIY methods typically only work for mild or minor damage. Moderate or severe hail damage should be handled by a professional. These methods aren't guaranteed, but saving money is always worth a try.

Dry Ice Method

Using dry ice, solid carbon dioxide, to get rid of a dent uses molecular physics to fix the dent. For this repair, a hairdryer, as well as a block of dry ice, is required. First, heat the dent with the hairdryer. Then rapidly cool the metal with dry ice. The rapid constriction should force the metal into its original shape.

Blow Dryer Method

To use this method, all you need is a hairdryer. Use your hairdryer to apply heat. The heat causes molecules to expand and can make the dent pop back to its normal shape. When doing this, make sure to watch for any discoloration in your paint. Stop immediately to avoid damaging your paint even more.

Dent Repair Kit

Using a dent repair kit doesn't rely on heat or cooling to fix your car. You pull the dents out of your vehicle by using either suction or glue. Think of the suction method as a plunger. The glue adheres to the car and allows you to pull the dent out of the vehicle. These kits can cost anywhere from $50-$150 at your local store.

Will insurance cover any repairs?

As long as you have comprehensive coverage, your repairs are covered. Comprehensive insurance is a policy that helps you with repair costs that aren't the result of a collision. This can include hail damage, a tree falling on your car, or water damage. If this is your first comprehensive claim, your insurer may not raise your rates. However, if you have made previous claims, your rates are going to go up. You have to pay your deductible as with any insurance policy. Always make sure the repairs aren't going to cost more than your vehicle is worth.

Tips to prevent future hail damage to your car

Preventing hail damage is excellent for your car and your wallet. There are some simple steps you can take to make your car safer from hail in the future.

  • Keep an eye on the weather and get your car to cover if you see hail coming.
  • A car blanket can protect your vehicle from the smaller hailstones.
  • If it starts hailing, find cover under a bridge or building.

When the time arises, can I rely on my insurance?

When it comes to car insurance, there are several factors to consider beyond monthly cost. A policy that covers you when you need it, has a low deductible, and offers several discounts can be hard to find - which is why we've done the work for you.

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