How To Repair Sun Damaged Car Paint (2023)

Updated 3 days ago

Sun damage, if minimal, is easily repaired with DIY waxes, buffers, and compounds. For small areas of sun damage, it's possible to save a lot of money fixing it yourself. For more significant damage, an auto shop is needed for the repairs or a complete paint job in the case of severe, all over sun damage.

Does the sun damage the paint on your car?

Over time, the sun damages paint on cars. How quickly this occurs depends on where you live, and how often the car is left under direct sunlight. Cars with darker paint colors, such as blue or black, are more susceptible to noticeable fading from sun damage.

Here's why waxing your car is so important

Wax provides a protective coat to your vehicle. It works to create a smooth, protective layer over your car's paint that prevents debris from causing damage and helps to reflect the sun from your car paint.

Applying wax is simple, and mostly involves placing the proper amount of wax on a soft sponge and applying it in small circular motions. Think the Karate Kid- "wax on, wax off." Applying the wax gently is important, as well as using the right type of wax for your vehicle.

You should wax your car 2-4 times a year.

Can I repair sun damage or does my car need a new paint job?

If you catch the sun damage in time, you're able to repair it using waxes and other compounds to leverage the remaining good paint and "spread" it to the damaged areas.

However, if the sun damage is too extensive and covers most of the vehicle, repairs won't be possible. At that stage, you'll need to get your car repainted.

Should I paint it myself or go to an auto body shop?

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may get away with an easy DIY solution. If the damage is severe or covers a large portion of your vehicle, a professional is your best bet.



  • Cheaper
  • Quicker


  • You may not apply the waxes properly
  • You may cause more damage

Auto shop


  • The repair is done right the first time
  • They have higher grade waxes and solutions at their disposal for your specific vehicle's needs


  • More expensive
  • You'll be without your car for a day or two

Does insurance cover paint damage?

Most insurers won't pay for regular repairs and maintenance; this includes normal paint damage caused by the sun or other normal wear and tear.

It's important to have comprehensive and collision insurance. While normal repairs aren't covered, damage or repairs in the case of an accident or weather-related event (like a hurricane) IS covered.

When the time arises, is my insurance going to be enough?

When it comes to car insurance, there are several factors to consider beyond monthly cost. A policy that covers you when you need it, has a low deductible, and offers several discounts can be hard to find - which is why we've done the work for you.

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