What's The Cost To Repair A Plastic Bumper?

Updated 3 days ago

The average cost to repair plastic bumpers ranges from approximately $150-$450. However, the cost to replace a bumper in the event of extensive damage can be anywhere between $800-$1,300. In many cases, your insurance should cover the repair. But, if your deductible is higher than the cost of repair, you should consider paying out-of-pocket.

Are all bumpers plastic?

Most bumpers are made of plastic. However, some feature aluminum or steel reinforcement beams through the middle. Some contain polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer) to reduce impact damage. Some bumpers even have an additional bumper cover, which is typically made of plastic and is added for aesthetics, protection, or performance.

Can it be repaired or do I need a full replacement?

Because of its intended purpose and location on your car, your bumper is at a higher risk of sustaining damages that range in severity. Some damages are minor and easily repaired, while more severe damage requires a bumper replacement.

Damages that can be repaired

  • Cracks that are small or mostly cosmetic
  • Smaller dents
  • Damages to older, rare cars or where the parts may not be as readily available for a full replacement. (In this case, even if the repair bill is large, you won't have a choice but to repair the damage rather than replace the whole bumper)

Damages that require a replacement

  • The dents or cracks are severe, causing problems that aren't limited to cosmetic issues
  • The bumper is falling off or dragging
  • The repair cost is more than the cost to replace the bumper

What's the cost to fix a plastic bumper?

While replacements can cost anywhere between $500-$1,300 on average, repairs are a little trickier than that. Here's a rundown of what you might expect to fix your bumper:

  • A dent repair that doesn't require a coat of paint usually costs between $150-$250
  • Dent repair takes costs approximately $200-$350
  • Scrapes and scuffs cost about $250-$350 to repair
  • Minor cracks cost $325-$425. They're a little more expensive to treat because they require extra time and a few more steps

Do bumper repairs take a long time?

Minor repairs don't take too long, usually just a few hours, depending on the job. A paint-less dent repair, for instance, can take as little as one hour to complete, while fixing a crack takes, at maximum, only four hours. Conversely, a bumper replacement can take anywhere between a full workday to three entire business days. It's a multi-step process, and in many cases, the body shop needs to devote a significant amount of time to fix your car.

Will my insurance cover the repairs?

This is an example that shows how important it is to have the right insurance coverage! The most common cause of bumper damage is rear-end collision. In which case, the at-fault driver is responsible for your damages, and their insurance should cover it. If the damage occurred while not driving (i.e. not an accident), your comprehensive insurance should cover the damages. Note: If your deductible is higher than the cost of repairs, you should consider paying out-of-pocket.

When the time arises, is my insurance going to be enough?

When it comes to car insurance, there are several factors to consider beyond monthly cost. A policy that covers you when you need it, has a low deductible, and offers several discounts can be hard to find - which is why we've done the work for you.

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