Transmission Replacement Labor Cost (2023)

Updated 3 days ago

Transmission repair is one of the most expensive repairs a vehicle can undergo. Transmission repair normally costs around $3,000—with $2,500 going towards parts and $500 to labor. If you have a larger or luxury vehicle the parts and the labor cost can increase up to $10,000.

Signs your transmission is failing

If your car is starting to get older or has been driven rough, the transmission may begin to wear down. Your transmission is connected to your gear shifter in the cab of your vehicle and your drive shaft. The transmission is vital to making sure your car is safe. It controls what gear your car is in and when you change gears. When your transmission breaks down your car may be missing gears or not stay in the correct gear. Your car could slide from park into reverse without you touching it. Here are some signs of a failing transmission:

  • Leaking Transmission Fluid  
  • Stiff or Delayed Shifting
  • Loose Gear Shifter

What's the cost of replacing my transmission?

In general the bigger the vehicle is the more expensive the transmission is to replace. A sedan's transmission will cost around $2,100 while a SUV's can top out at around $3,000. A foreign car costs more than a domestic car. A domestic car normally runs around $3,000 with around $500 for labor included. Luxury cars can cost up to $10,000.

Should I repair the transmission or get a new car?

Repairing a transmission gets more difficult the more parts you have to take off. The severity of the damage to your transmission may make it easier or cheaper to get a new car. If multiple parts fail or you have an older car the cost of a transmission repair may reach $10,000. If your car is worth only $5,000, why would you spend $10,000 on a transmission?

Repair transmission


  • Can be less expensive.
  • Usually takes less time.


  • Problems can come back
  • Can involve a lot of work

Get a new car


  • No returning problems
  • New parts, not just the transmission


  • More expensive than a repair
  • If you buy used it can have its own issues

Don't mask the problem—get your car fixed, now!

Keeping you car maintained is important if you want your car to last a long as it should. While small problems like car transmission repair may seem small, putting them off can lead to larger problems. You can replace a gear for some money upfront now, but if you put off replacing it, a new transmission can cost you significantly more in the long-run.

Does my insurance pay for maintenance and repairs?

Insurance companies don't cover regular maintenance and repairs. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage, repairs can be paid for if it occurs because of an accident or wreck. Since insurance doesn't cover regular maintenance, it's a smart idea to not put off repair as they can become a bigger problem.  If you need help on the side of the road make sure your policy has roadside assistance. This service can keep you from being stranded with your car.

When the time arises, is my insurance going to be enough?

When it comes to car insurance, there are several factors to consider beyond monthly cost. A policy that covers you when you need it, has a low deductible, and offers several discounts can be hard to find - which is why we've done the work for you.

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