What Should You Do If Your Accelerator Is Stuck?

Updated 3 days ago

It's important to remember that when your car experiences a significant malfunction like this, not to panic. Panicking causes you to make more mistakes. Place your car into neutral and slowly, gently apply the brakes. Next, turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers and carefully steer yourself off the road to a safe place. Once there, turn off your ignition.

Why does an accelerator get stuck?

A few different reasons may cause a stuck accelerator. Common causes of a stuck gas pedal include:

  • Your gas pedal cable broke
  • The return spring for your gas pedal broke
  • Your accelerator pedal sensor is malfunctioning
  • Your car's throttle body (a case containing a valve that regulates airflow in the engine), is stuck

While you're able to find DIY tutorials online to fix some of these issues, messing up can make matters much worse or put you in danger while driving. It's best to seek a professional who'll be able to quickly and appropriately fix the issue for you.

What should you do when your accelerator sticks?

Below is the proper procedure for guiding your car to safety when you experience a stuck accelerator while driving.

  • Step 1: Immediately shift your vehicle into neutral.
  • Step 2: Gently and slowly apply your brakes.
  • Step 3: Stay focused, and don't panic. Scan the road around you and look for the easiest and closest way to remove yourself from traffic.
  • Step 4: This is a serious malfunction. Flash and blink your hazard lights to warn other drivers that you're experiencing an issue and to drive past you carefully.
  • Step 5: Steer as best you can off the road as safely as possible.
  • Step 6: Once you reach a safe, off-road position, turn your ignition off.

How much does it cost to repair?

On average, it cost $100-$200 to fix a stuck gas pedal. The exact price depends on your mechanic's labor rate and the price of a replacement for your vehicle model.

Don't mask the problem—get your car fixed, now!

Problems with your car are capable of quickly becoming very serious. Don't waste time; get your car fixed ASAP. Replacing or repairing some aspects of your vehicle is costly. However, sitting on the problem is not just dangerous, but as more damage is acquired, the more expensive it becomes to repair.

Small issues that you could've had fixed for less than $100 may snowball into more expensive and serious problems. It's important to nip any issues in the bud.

Where to go when you need to replace your accelerator

When it comes to accelerators, there are a million options at all price ranges, and quite a few factors to consider beyond cost. Trust us - we've seen it all!

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