What Is State Farm's Accident Forgiveness?

Updated October, 2020
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State Farm accident forgiveness is offered to customers who've been with the company for 9 years and have a clean driving record. This feature protects you from rises in your insurance rates after your first at-fault accident by waiving it from your driving record. You're able to maintain any discounts on your current policy and remain eligible for future rewards. Only one claim may be made per policy.

How to qualify for State Farm's accident forgiveness

To qualify, you must be a State Farm customer and meet these requirements:

  • 9 years of loyalty: You need to maintain your auto insurance policy with State Farm for 9 years or more.
  • 9 years of no claims: Maintain a clean driving record with the company for a total of 9 years. You can't apply if you've got multiple traffic violations or speeding tickets.
  • One per policy: If you've already claimed for accident forgiveness from your policy, you can't qualify again.

How much does State Farm's accident forgiveness cost?

State Farm's accident forgiveness rate varies based on many factors, including your:

  • Location
  • Car model
  • Age
  • Driving history

Talk to your State Farm agent to see how much this feature costs to add to your policy.

3 things to consider about State Farm's Accident Forgiveness

  • Qualifying for accident forgiveness with State Farm allows you to drive with peace of mind.
  • You're able to keep your good driver discounts, even after an at-fault accident as your driving record remains untouched.
  • Continue to save money as your insurance premiums remain the same, even after your first at-fault accident.

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